Directions Planning Consultancy specialises in the drafting, influencing and interpretation of local and national planning policy.

The planning system is complex and planning policy is constantly changing. This can provide short term opportunities, but also concerns and so it is necessary to keep abreast of not just policy changes, but also the drivers of those changes. Doing so can ensure that the momentum in pursuing development is maintained and new opportunities can be identified.

Our Expertise

Directions Planning Consultancy prides itself in being at the forefront of understanding planning policy. This ensures you are fully informed of any implications and opportunities are identified that might benefit you.

As well as monitoring changes, we are also proactive in talking with those behind the policy changes at local and national level. This ensures we not only have up-to-date knowledge, but we also have a comprehensive understanding of the issues.

Directions Planning Consultancy has extensive experience of drafting and influencing planning policy from both public and private sector perspectives at local, regional and national levels.

Our Experience
City of York Council

We acted on behalf of a parish council in relation to a Call-In Enquiry whereby a planning application had been recommended for approval by the City of York Council, but the Secretary of State had decided to call the application in for determination instead. We acted as the Parish Council’s Planning Advocate, which meant cross examining the Council’s and the applicant’s expert witnesses.

We also act on behalf of a variety of different land owners, including higher education providers, charities, private individuals and developers, to attempt to influence the drafting of planning policy through the City of York Local Plan.

Ryedale District Council

Kathryn Jukes has acted on behalf of a variety of clients over the years in Ryedale and has been particularly effective in securing changes to the Ryedale Local Plan. As a result of evidence presented at the Examination into a draft version of the Plan, it was subsequently found unsound by the Inspector and a new version had to be prepared. Amendments were then sought to the subsequent version which resulted in changes in the strategy and development targets.


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